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E-Visa Types

There are different kinds of Indian E-Visas depending on the purpose of your visit to India.

Tourist e-Visa

If you are visiting India as a tourist for the purpose of sightseeing or recreation, then this is the e-Visa you should apply for.

Business e-Visa

If you are visiting India for the purpose of business or trade like attending business meetings, then this is the e-Visa you should apply for.

Medical e-Visa

If you are visiting India as a Patient, or as an Attendant to a Patient for medical treatment in India, then this is the e-Visa that you should apply for.

Conference e-Visa

It is an electronic visa specifically designed for individuals attending conferences, allowing them to participate in the event hosted in india.

Eligibility & Documents

To be eligible for the Indian e-Visa you need.

Online Visa Document Requirements

To begin with, in order to start the application process for the Indian Visa you need to have the following documents required for Indian Visa:

  • A digital or scanned copy of the first page of the visitor's passport, and which must remain valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into India, otherwise you would need to renew your passport.
  • A copy of the visitor's recent passport-style colour photo (only of the face, and it can be taken with a phone). Read about Indian Visa Photo Requirements.
  • A working email address, and a debit card or a credit card for the payment of the application fees.
  • Other Documents needed as per Requirements specific type of e-Visa you are applying for.

You must be physically present outside India to avail an eVisa for India. If you are inside India at the time of eVisa application processing, then your eVisa will be rejected.

To be entering the country only through certain authorized Immigration Check Posts which include 30 airports and 5 seaports.

While applying for an Indian Visa Online, the details provided must exactly match those mentioned on your passport. Any discrepancies may result in denial of visa issuance or delay in visa processing/issuance/entry to India.

You must be physically present outside India to avail an eVisa for India. If you are inside India at the time of eVisa application processing, then your eVisa will be rejected.

E-Visa Eligible Countries

Citizens of the almost all countries can apply, countries marked below are probably eligible to apply for Indian Visa Online.

How Visa Process Works?

Step by Step Guide to apply for Indian Visa Online (or Indian e-Visa)

1. Fill Indian
Visa Application

To apply for Indian Visa Online you need to complete a simple and detailed application form on our website. You need to apply at least 1-2 weeks before the date of your entry into India.

2. Upload Passport
and Documents

You will be asked to provide additional information based on the purpose of your visit and the kind of Visa you are applying for. You will upload these documents using our secure server.

3. Make Visa
Fee Payment

After completing the form, you can make payment using secure payment gateway. You can make payment using a Credit or Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, All major cards are accepted).

4. Receive Visa
Application Approval

In most cases the decision for your Indian Visa will be made within few days and if accepted you will get your Indian Visa Online confirmation via email. You need to carry printout of this Indian e-Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Indian Government launched an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA or online eVisa) in 2014. It allows citizens from around 180 countries to travel to India without requiring a physical stamping on the passport. This new type of authorisation is e-Visa India (or Online India Visa).

No, it is not possible to issue you an electronic visa for India (eVisa India) if you already inside India. You must explore other options from Indian Immigration Department.

No, e-Visa is non-extendable and non-convertible.

It is advisable to apply 7 days in advance of the date of arrival especially during the peak season (October - March). Remember to account for the standard Immigration process time which is 4 business days in duration.

Certainly! Let's explore the eligibility for an Indian e-Visa based on the different categories you've mentioned:
1. Citizens of UK can apply for Indian e Visa.
2. British Subject: Yes, British subjects are eligible to apply for an Indian e-Visa. They can choose the appropriate category (tourist, business, medical, etc.) and follow the online application process.
3. British Protected Person: British Protected Persons can also apply for an e-Visa. Ensure you have the necessary documents and meet the requirements specified by the Indian government.
4. British Overseas Citizen (BOC): BOCs are eligible for an Indian e-Visa. The application process is similar to other categories.
5. British National (Overseas) (BNO): BNO passport holders can apply for an e-Visa. Make sure to provide accurate information during the application.
6. British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC): BOTC passport holders are eligible for an Indian e-Visa. Follow the steps outlined on the official website.
Remember to check the specific requirements for each category and ensure that your travel purpose aligns with the chosen visa type. Safe travels to India!

Yes, US citizens require a visa to travel to India and are eligible for e-Visa.

Make sure you delete the browser history and cookies before trying to make payment. Also try to change the browser if the problem persists.In case you have already tried more than thrice, then you may have to re-submit the entire application form once again.

You have to put the Previous visa details in the application form as it is mandatory. You can write NA or Not Available or Not Applicable or any other suitable phrase according to you in the application form if you do not remember your earlier Visa number/details.

e-Visa processing fee once submitted is non-refundable as the fee is for processing of the application and is not dependent on either grant or Rejection of the Application.

The Visa on Arrival facility is only for the nationals of Japan, South Korea and UAE (only for such UAE nationals who had earlier obtained e-Visa or regular/paper visa for India). For the nationals of all other countries eligible for e-Visa, the e-visa application have to be filled online and the applicant must wait till the confirmation/Grant of ETA for travelling to India.

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With over 25 years of experience , we serve Travelers who submit indian visa applications from all eligible countries in the world to provide a reliable and efficient visa process. Recently due to the demand of e-tourist (eTV) visa, we expanded a new custom similar form to keep up with demand. Travelers can submit applications from all eligible countries anyplace in the world as we accept e-visa applications worldwide.

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  • Guarantee of privacy and safety throughout the process.
  • Verification of additional required information.
  • Simplified online Application process.

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